Illustration & Animation

Your experience with design as a whole will probably have a bearing on what you consider ‘illustration’ and animation to be. I’m old fashioned with my terminology and like to get back to basics… Illustration is the process of drawing something (regardless of tools or software), and animation is the process of making something ‘move’.

In recent projects, these skills tend to focus towards iconography and transitions, however my background in illustration and animation is much more complex and detailed. I would always consider myself an ‘artist’ and I’m also an old Flash hack and have a background in key frame animation… today you know it as Adobe Animate.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s 2D art-working in Photoshop, creating icons in Illustrator, or making these assets move in animate. Because my background is in the fundamentals of illustration and animation, the skills and processes involved are applicable to a multitude of outputs.

Here are some of the projects I am proud of where I have been hands-on with illustration and animation:

Mini Match – Cartoon Network’s successful virtual world. I created the ‘Lobby Map’ world from initial sketch concepts all the way through to final Photoshop completion… the map was huge at a whopping 10,000 x 10,000 pixels!

MMA Federation – Throughout this website I’ve talked at length about this project as my involvement was so broad. However with regard to illustration, I was involved with 2D texturing of much of the character clothing in the product. A lot of the clothing had brand influence from our partners and sponsors. Other items were just incredibly creative and took inspiration from a variety of places 🙂

Primal Rumble – Although we had an art team that looked after most of the 2D and 3D work in this hilarious product, a lot of the UI elements had to be hand-drawn. The UI was incredibly illustrative, offering a very unique feel that complemented the game theme immensely.