Product Design

Great Product Design is at the heart of everything I do. I have always been a product designer. It is only through the emergence of specific design disciplines, such as UX and UI design, that I feel compelled to establish Product Design as the ‘daddy’ 🙂

Throughout my career I have always approached projects from a product and user perspective, even if at the time there was a marketing, sales or service slant to it. It really doesn’t matter what the product is, be it a responsive website, mobile application, software application or game, the fundamental product design process is the same, and incredibly exciting!

The product design process for me tends to encompass the entire design spectrum of product vision and strategy, service design, UX design, UI design, and creative branding. It also encompasses supporting design elements such as illustration and animation.

Here are some product designs I am particularly proud of:

MMA Federation – As Creative Director I was ultimately responsible for art, animation, design, audio and video, and maintained hands-on with all UX and UI Design. I was involved from concept to completion and will always consider this product one of my greatest achievements. A revolutionary product and very successful game.

Certas Energy Fuel Cards App – I received an initial basic wireframe from thisisLDA, the amazing agency working with Certas Energy. I took this initial starting block a designed the entire mobile application, from concept to completion, enabling logistics drivers for Certas to take advantage of their Fuel Cards more effectively.

Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return – Involved very early on in the process, including the vision and strategy for this transmedia digital experience, I created the overall design for this movie-themed virtual world. Working with the Dubit Platform allows for interactive storytelling through adventure and exploration. The theme also allowed me to take advantage of some amazing characters in a beautiful world.

The Scorpion Returns – When the new Fiat Abarth and Punto came back on the scene in 2008/09 I had the opportunity to design a new automotive Microsite for this iconic vehicle collection. I designed a truly interactive online experience, and together with the art and development teams, created this award-winning product.