Product Management

The role of a Product Owner or Product Manager in digital product development environment was born out of the emergence of agile ways of working. Although I would not consider myself a product manager by trade, and have been responsible for digital products for the majority of my career, always having the end user’s or customer’s best interests as a priority.

My career began working with agencies so have a career’s worth of experience dealing with clients and other stakeholders. For over ten years I have also taken the lead on product development, often managing a multi-disciplinary team around me.

In more recent years I have found myself creating and managing a backlog of work and features, managing sprints and running workshops and daily stand-ups.

I will always approach product management with the user in mind, however my broad experience allows me to appreciate product development from the business point of view, technical, and design.

Here are some of the projects I have been involved with where I have been involved with Product Management:

Nordea Digital – Introduced a new design culture into a development-led agile organisation. Although I didn’t manage a specific product team, I managed the design team’s backlog and sprints to ensure quality and consistency across the product.

Flow XO – Introduced a new agile way of working and development sprints. Created a development backlog and prioritised work based on a customer’s journey with the product. Day to day management of the development team, with regular stand-ups and workshops.

Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return – Working with stakeholders at Dubit and Summertime Entertainment I was involved very early in the process to create a transmedia digital experience for this new movie based on the classic tale. I created the original product vision, strategy documentation and built and managed the team for the first two phases of development.