Product Vision & Strategy

I have held Creative and Design Director titles on many projects, and as such, because I tend to be product focused, it is natural for me to help stakeholders to produce a Product Vision and Strategy.

Essentially a Product Vision is long term, and is a ‘theme’ for a team or organisation to all agree on and get behind. It’s what is created to help motivate, align and drive a team forward. A great Product Vision is designed to inspire and excite the team involved with it. A Product Strategy is a set of processes designed to help facilitate the Product Vision. It involves product management processes, the team, design and development work and workflow.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some amazing products through my career, and often involved very early on in the process. Here are just a few of them:

MMA Federation – Working with stakeholders at 360 Studios I created the product vision and strategy from initial conception and saw the entire production of the product through to launch. A truly great passion project fro me personally.

Flow XO – Working with the whole team and CEO behind their revolutionary chatbot and automated messaging platform, we created a unique product vision designed for an industry in its infancy. By focusing on what ‘could’ be, we created a strategy to help facilitate what ‘was’.

Primal Rumble – Initially joining the team as a Designer, I quickly took the role as Design / Creative Director to help re-align the vision of the product and the team behind it. We took an existing product concept and recreated it with a much more casual audience in mind.