Team Leadership

Team leadership and management is something very close to my heart and I am extremely focused on my point of view when it comes to nurturing great design and development teams – Behind great companies are great products, and great products are built by great teams.

I have been involved with team leadership and management for many years now. I have built new development teams and studios from the ground up in start-up environments. I have entered into already-established teams to help re-motivate and inspire, re-aligning to a common vision. Regardless of the time or size of teams and their organisation, my approach remains unchanged – No ego, no hierarchy, collaborative and creative in order to facilitate the very best ideas, processes and products.

Here are some of the projects I have been involved with where I have either built or managed a team of amazing people:

Nordea Digital – Joined an existing UX/UI Design Team to help re-motivate and re-align to support a new common product vision. The team was one of the very best i’ve worked with from a variety of cultural backgrounds, experiences and skill sets.

Flow XO – Set up a new studio to build a new collocated development team in Manchester, while supporting existing contractors.

360 Studios – Built a new production team in Manchester to create MMA Federation. The team was 22 strong at its peak and included a range of personalities and disciplines including artists, animators, designers, programmers, QA, and marketing.