UI & Website Design

Website design was where I started my career (far too many years ago to mention :)).  The fundamentals of good website design had a grounding in User Interface Design, and with my natural process of ‘form follows function’, I naturally evolved into producing intuitive interfaces for responsive websites, apps, software applications and games.

There is a lot of overlap with UI in general and UX wireframing, and it’s often difficult to define exactly where you draw the line; often it depends on the project.

I would say with my varied background and experiences I have not acquired a specific style. I also do not follow ‘trends’ for the sake of it. Instead, my empathetic nature and natural ability to observe a product from a user’s perspective lends itself to producing beautiful user interfaces for the key target audience.

I have been fortunate enough to work on user interfaces for some games projects, in my opinion being some of the most complex UI designs and processes. On many occasion a strong background in illustration is required, supporting the overall layout.

Here are some of the UI specific projects I am most proud of:

Time Tribe – Probably my favourite UI project to date. Although a relatively short project for me, only creating the UI and HUD, the style that I introduced was rich and lush, while retaining a functional layout. A lot of supporting illustration was required to support the UI too.

Alstom DS Agile – Probably one of the most complex Apps I have designed from a UI perspective. There were many tiers of content to the application, on various device resolutions. The App was also developed in Unity3D with my games background coming into play for asset creation.

The Scorpion Returns – This Microsite for the legendary Abarth used a bespoke ‘hidden’ interface – The Abarth icon trailed the user’s mouse. When clicked on, the main menu emerged from the mouse pointer, and operated in a similar way to the PS3’s operating system navigation.