UX & Service Design

UX and Service Design are relatively new ‘terms’ in design (at least in my lengthy career). I would say I have always been a ‘UX Designer’, being truly empathetic in nature, and always appreciating the design of a product from the user’s perspective primarily. I am also very much a ‘form follows function’ kind of chap, and any great creative endeavour needs to have an established foundation to be built upon.

As far as this website is concerned I have grouped UX Design across User Flow Diagrams, Information Architecture, Wireframes and Prototyping. I have also been involved with UX Research initiatives, being involved with focus groups and user testing sessions.

On the Service Design side, a much broader term that intersects with other design principals, I have been involved with many design-led workshops, identifying different facets of a business, users and the product. I have also helped produce Customer Journeys and Personas that all feed back into the Product Design Process.

Here are some projects I have been involved with that focused heavily on UX Design:

Nordea Digital – The majority of the design team were UX Designers. Led and managed the team in parallel with the new agile way of working and product vision. My hands-on UX input sat across all product teams including work such as Information Architecture, user flows throughout the entire product, and UX toolkit and style guides.

MMA Federation – Although my role with 360 Studios as Creative Director was extremely broad, I still maintained hands-on responsibility for all UX Design. As a passion project, and identified with our target audience personally, which helped to produce the information architecture, user flows, customer journeys and personas of our target audience.

Certas Energy Fuel Cards App – My input into this project was equal across both UX and UI Design. However there was particular effort made through the development process, quickly producing prototypes and getting feedback from customers before committing to a final design.